Everyone has heard of the new SAFE-T Act going into law in the Land of Lincoln in 2023. But there are a couple of other laws that start with the new year that could have a dramatic impact on your daily life, let's take a look...

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I stumbled upon mystateline.com's list of New Laws Going into Effect in Illinois in 2023, and of course, the main one that grabs all the headlines is the SAFE-T Act, which, if you don't know, the site says...

"The act abolishes the money bail system beginning Jan. 1, 2023."

But beyond the SAFE-T Act, there were a couple of other laws that I had no idea are coming our way. First would be the CROWN Act which according to the site...

"...makes it illegal to discriminate against black women with natural hairstyles."

That's great! I love to see laws that strike down any sort of discrimination against anyone in this country. Everyone should be allowed to have their hair however they want without being discriminated against.

There is also a new law called the Workers Rights Amendment, that is in place to ensure every worker in Illinois has the right to collectively bargain or join a union.

Another one of the new laws that struck me is the Employee Sick Leave Act, apparently, it was amended for 2023, and on the site they say...

" ...requiring rights provided by the act are made the minimum standard in a collective bargaining agreement."

Great that the minimum standard for employee sick leave is now the right provided to employees as a part of the Employee Sick Leave Act.

If you want to see more of the laws that are coming to Illinois in 2023 just click here!

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