The one thing you don't expect when you're driving to work is to be attacked by the highway. That's what happened to one Missouri man who had his windshield annihilated by falling concrete from an overpass.

Fox 2 Now in St. Louis shared the story of Steve Yarber. He was on his way to work when his windshield was impacted by something from above. It was concrete from an overpass as he was traveling on Missouri 370. This is their interview with Steve regarding being attacked by the sky.

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The good news is that Steve was not injured. Fox 2 Now confirmed from MODOT that they were contacted by Steve about the incident and immediately sent out crews to investigate and repair whatever caused the incident.

Steve Yarber said that the concrete hit his hood first and then hit the windshield which probably saved his life.

There is a website that MODOT provides that warns of bridges that are either in poor condition or need maintenance. It's good to know that the road you're driving down could involve a bridge or the pavement jumping up and interrupting your drive (and perhaps life).

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