This Missouri man only had a split second to react. He saw headlights heading toward him and had to make a fast decision on what to do. Fortunately, he chose correctly as his dashcam video shows.

Fox 2 Now out of St. Louis shared the video from a man named Cory who had just gotten off of a phone call with his mother when his dashcam recorded a harrowing encounter. It was a truck driving the wrong way on the interstate headed directly toward him.

NOTE: some NSFW words as this guy was watching his life flash before his eyes.

In the Fox 2 Now story, they mentioned something I didn't realize. They state that Missouri is 4th in the nation in wrong-way crashes with more than 300 happening just a couple years ago. That's remarkable and sad.

There have already been 6 fatalities in Missouri from wrong-way crashes in Missouri in just the first few days of 2022. Hard to understand how and why this keeps happening.

As for Cory, he was fortunate that he lived to share the experience. His correct decision spared him and his family a tragedy.

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