This is probably funny unless you're the guy behind the wheel. A new video shows the laughter that erupted when a St. Louis, Missouri driver showed ninja-like backward driving skills.

I don't know exactly where in St. Louis this happened, but I do know it's somewhere in the city since that's what the video share person said. Looking at the car, betting this one has a stuck transmission likely resulting from whatever accident they were in (look at the side of the car when he drives by).

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Disclaimer: I am no mechanic and am thankful when my family car starts in the morning. However, It Still Runs seems to confirm the bad transmission diagnosis. Based on where the driver was trying to turn, it almost seems like the dude is trying to navigate to a car parts place maybe? Either that or to get a new car stereo in that sweet backwards ride.

It also could be that this person is a serious Cars movie fan and is emulating Mater. I mean...this is Missouri so it is a possibility.

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