I've seen major winter storms that involved less crashing than what happened on I-55 in Missouri after only a couple inches of snow as new video reveals.

Dan Robinson does an amazing job of covering weather events in Missouri and today he shared crazy video of how traffic responded to a snow event that greatly affected I-55 in Missouri. Cautions and brakes are your friend, people.

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It was no laughing matter as the Missouri Department of Conservation announced partial closure of portions of I-55 for a period of time.

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Another driver shared her story after being stuck on I-55 waiting for accidents to be cleared and for roads to be opened.

I have many family and friends that have been (or are) truck drivers. It's no easy task managing your wheels in this kind of unpredictable weather. It just goes to show that even a couple inches of snow can make roads hazardous before you know it.

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