If you don't believe that owls are strong, wait till you hear about what just happened to a Missouri dachshund. Fortunately, this flying dog story has a happy ending.

KMOX in St. Louis shared the story of a Union, Missouri family. I first saw this story shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit page. They say that Bruce Hareford saw something fly above his car and then drop something. That something was a lost dachshund named Fiona. Bruce rescued the dog which survived the drop by the owl and eventually connected with the owner, Natalie Pollock, after he shared the dog's information on his Facebook page.

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Natalie says that no one saw the owl snatch her dog, but a veterinarian confirmed it was an owl after he detected talon marks around the dog's head. Fiona had been carried over a mile by the owl.

The good news is that Fiona is doing fine after this involuntary owl flight. Her story does prove the tale (or is it tail?) that owls can and do snatch small dogs when the opportunity arises.

All About Birds mentions that great horned owls can carry animals up to 5 pounds. It isn't common at all, but it is possible and does happen. Fiona, the Missouri dachshund, can attest to that.

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