Here's something you don't see every day. Yes, we see plenty of owls, but few as young as these. A new video share shows a wildlife conservationist releasing baby owls back into the wild.

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I saw this sweet owl moment trending on Digg and I completely understand why. Their share says Matt Poole is a a supervisory ranger for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. I'm not sure where exactly in America Matt shared this moment from, but it ended up on his Instagram page.

All About Birds explains exactly what burrowing owls are. They are the owls that you can actually see in daytime usually sitting on a fence post near a farm. They're not restricted to trees, though. They state that these owls make their homes near prairie lands.

The National Wildlife Federation states that these birds prefer the open west part of America, but can be found as far south as Florida. Audubon does mention that farms are also a common habitat for these owls which isn't exactly news to us.

I can understand why Matt Poole's status for the video share said "The fact that I got to do this as a job… 😄". Many of us would enjoy this kind of work if it were possible. Glad he was at least willing to take the time to share some of his owl joy with the rest of us.

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