It will be his first restaurant in the Land of Lincoln and if you like Burgers then it should be at the top of your list to try when it opens!

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According to world famous chef Gordon Ramsay is opening his first ever restaurant in the state of Illinois! The restaurant will be the third burger restaurant in the world called Gordan Ramsay Burger, there are only two other locations, one in London and one in Las Vegas. This new location will be of course in Chicago, located in the river north area of downtown, and is within walking distance of the Union Train station if you are taking the train to Chicago from Quincy. For more information on the restaurant check out the great article on NBC Chicago by clicking here! 

In an interview in the article Gordon Ramsay talks about Chicago being one of the greatest food cities in the world, and he is absolutely right. What is really cool for all of us who live in the Tri-States is that with this new burger restaurant (that will be huge by the way the article says over 5000 square feet) we now have TWO Gordon Ramsay restaurants to choose between both within a couple hours drive. Because if you didn't know according to Gordon Ramsay's website, he has a restaurant in Kansas City already! It is called the Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse, located at the big Harrah's Kansas City location. To find out more about that steakhouse and other Gordon Ramsay USA restaurant locations just click here! 

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