The Marshall Tucker Band is in concert in Hannibal this Friday night (8/24).

I must admit, MTB and I go way back. Matter of fact, I got acquainted with the boys as my first "Rock concert" experience, back in 1977.

Everyone has a first big concert or show, and they were the headliners of a show for legendary St. Louis radio station KSHE-95, who was celebrating it's 10th anniversary at the time.

My sister swallowed her pride and allowed her "kid brother" to tag along to the concert with her and her friends, to what was known at the time as The Checkerdome, although to most St. Louisans, it was always known at The Arena, or "The Barn." Perhaps you saw a concert or two there.

It was the 70's, and a much-different time of experiencing live music. In between acts, when they would turn on the overhead lights for the switch out of equipment,  I couldn't quite figure out what the "fog" was, that hung over the ceiling of the Arena. And just what was that funny smell? It really didn't matter. What counted was the music and the interaction with the audience.

The Marshall Tucker Band were at the zenith of their career at that time and getting to experience them live, even as a kid, was something that I'll never forget.  When folks refer to Southern Rock, Marshall Tucker will always be listed among the ranks, with their unique sound, even for that time and era. I instantly became a fan of Doug Gray, George McCorkle and the Caldwell brothers.

Now, Marshall Tucker is helping the Hannibal YMCA celebrate their 100th anniversary. Tickets are still available and I hope you can attend, and have a great time at the show just like I did many years ago.


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