COVID aside, Quincy should be able to have a music fest just like Burlington. So, why hasn't it happened?

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Is it lack of a venue? Is it people don’t want a festival? Is it that artist don’t want to come to Quincy? There was a time that bands and artists would come to the Quincy/Hannibal area. Destiny's Child was in Quincy in May 2000. Also, The Beach Boys, Ted Nugent, even The Bangles made a visit to Hannibal. So, what happened?

There could be several factors. Money would definitely be one of those factors. I can tell you the pop artists are pretty expensive to bring in and can be demanding with “special requests.” The loud noise is always an issue. Hannibal has a noise ordinance which can result in a fine (just ask Bob Dylan). With no venue in Quincy, the concert would have to be in a Quincy Park or another outside venue. There is always Oakley Lindsey Center. The only issue there is that you’re limited to the amount of people you can have in one building. I’m left asking myself, how can Burlington have Steamboat Days that seems to draw a pretty big crowd with big names in music?

I would love to be able to bring in bands like Lewis Capaldi, Shawn Mendes, maybe be the Goo Goo Dolls or upcoming artist that will play just because they love to play and get their music heard. So, I ask you, who would you like to see come to Quincy?

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