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That's exactly what you will get when you visit or live in Chicago. The city ranks not only in the top 5 of being the loudest city in America but also the city with the most aircraft noise complaints in the country. With over 2,500 flights A DAY I would say so.

This city receives some of the most aircraft noise complaints in the country. As an integral piece to the nation’s commercial air traffic network, the O’Hare International Airport has some 2,500 flights land and take off every day, flying right over the heart of the city and the neighborhoods of its residents.

Coming from a big city and living somewhat close to a large airport I can say I remember huge planes flying over my apartment building at all hours of the night, I would say you get used to the noise, but when its 3 AM in the morning I don't think you ever get used to that loud noise.

So, the lesson here is if you're planning on visiting or moving to Chicago anytime soon I would avoid places close to or near the airport. It could be cheaper, but with over 2,500 places a day, it's so not worth it.

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