Warm weather means that we're getting into grilling season.

Grilling has become one of the great American past times . Now, don't get it confused with actual barbecuing.  These are two completely separate actions, and you're likely to tick off some of the hardcore folks who take their barbecuing very seriously. Grilling versus barbecuing  is like comparing flag football to the NFL.

Whether you use a gas grill, or charcoal, it really doesn't matter, unless time is a factor for you.  I know there are some great cooks out there. Both guys and gals who really know their way around the kitchen. I am not one of them. But, place me out in the yard with a grill, and I automatically turn into Chef Bobby Flay.  Not only am I preparing the meat, I'm marinating, and turning to get the best grill marks on my hot dogs. While everyone else in the family is hard at work in the kitchen doing the real heavy lifting, I'm the guy that really thinks he accomplishing something by flipping the burgers at the precise moment.

Ladies, you know what I'm talking about if your husband is also "manning the grill." You'll spend half the day preparing everything, even going to the trouble of getting the meat ready, so your husband can place it on and remove it from the grill.  Then, when the meal is ready, the guy wants praise from everyone about how well he did getting the main course grilled to perfection.

Enjoy your grilling and save a burger for me.


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