On Tuesday I had the privilege to broadcast from the parking lot of the County Market at 24th & Spring for the appearance of Johnsonville's Big Taste Grill.

But how many slabs of ribs can it cook?
But how many slabs of ribs can it cook?

This thing is awesome! Its 25' tall, 65' long, gas fired, and can cook 750 brats at a time, or 2500 brats an hour.

It got me thinking - for many years I used charcoal. It was nice, but not that convenient. About 5-years ago I installed a natural gas line to my deck and now grill only with gas (but I still use charcoal at my in-laws). I am enjoying the convenience of gas - I can grill in the rain and not worry about my coals getting wet. In the winter I can shovel a path to the grill, light it up, and throw on some steaks or ribs. But sometimes I do miss the flavor that comes from using charcoal.

When grilling this summer, do you prefer gas or charcoal? What do you like / dislike about either one? BTW: I am in the market for a new gas grill. Any recommendations? Remember - it must work with natural gas.

Happy grilling!

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