If you are someone who supports the right to own an assault rifle here in the Land of Lincoln you have to be asking yourself today "is this the beginning of the end?" as hearings are underway to figure out if there should be a ban on assault rifles in Illinois.

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There are hearings happening in Illinois where lawmakers will start to determine if Illinois should ban assault-style weapons. These hearings will also look into other things like magazine capacity, and FOID card age, is this the end of assault weapons in Illinois?

According to an article from wgntv.com, these hearings are meant to dive into the Protect Illinois Communities Act, which aims to ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and rapid-fire devices. In the article they say...

"The Protect Illinois Communities Act was introduced by state Rep. Bob Morgan who was at the Highland Park July 4th parade shooting when it happened. The House of Judiciary committee also plans to hear from survivors of gun violence including those of the Highland Park shooting...Past efforts to ban assault rifles have failed in Springfield but Democrats have a super majority and Gov. JB Pritzker has expressed support of the proposed ban."

They also go on to mention that the Protect Illinois Communities Act would raise the FOID card age to 21 unless the person was in the military, and if you already own an assault-style weapon you would have to register the weapon and pay a fee, read the entire article by clicking here! 

If assault rifles are banned in Illinois you certainly have to look at that horrendous shooting at the 4th of July Parade in suburban Chicago as the beginning of the end for them in this state. If you don't support the ban, are there parts of this act you do support like raising the FOID card age? Let us know in the comments.

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