If we're being honest, we all have a breaking point. For one Iowa man, that moment was reached when he realized he was given no sauce for his McNuggets.

This story comes courtesy of The Smoking Gun. It chronicles the story of Robert Golwitzer who lives near Des Moines. They shared a remarkable tale from the Ankeny Police Department report. Here's a small part of this captivating McNugget moment rage. It states that around 5:20 pm back in June, Robert called the McDonalds completely bent that he had gotten 30 McNuggets and NO SAUCE.

As the report states, the manager told Robert he could come back and get the sauces, but he declined and allegedly stated "No, I'm going to blow up the store and punch you in the face."

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Robert later stated that he had no real intention of blowing up his local McDonalds over the sauce oversight and pled guilty to a misdemeanor.

For those that face the same challenge in the future, be aware that there are some nifty home recipes for making your own version of McDonalds dipping sauces.

You can even hack your own special edition of the Mulan sauce you can't even get at McDonalds anymore.

You're welcome. I'm here to help us all avoid these life-altering McNugget moments. It's almost as bad as getting a McRib without BBQ sauce. I said "almost".

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