Where in Missouri can you find one of the best Deep Dish Pizzas according to the experts at Yelp? The answer surprised us, we had never even heard of the town this restaurant is located in!

According to Yelp's list of the 25 Spots for Chicago-Style Pizza, Mr. Gilberti's Place Chicago Pizza is the 11th best spot for Deep Dish Pizza in the USA. Mr. Gilberti's is located in a town called Hollister, Missouri which is located just outside of Branson.

What about Mr. Gilberti's Place Chicago Pizza makes it elite? On Yelp, they say "Established in 1980...Best kept Italian recipes right from the Gilberti Family Cookbook!" If you go to the website for Mr. Gilberti's Place the menu speaks for itself, they have things like Mr. Gilberti's Special Deep Dish Pizza with Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Candian Bacon, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Marinated Green Peppers & Red Onions. There is also a Mrs. Giberti's Special with all veggies, and you don't have to get deep dish they offer thin-crust pizza as well, to see the menu for yourself, click here!

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Did Yelp get this list right?

Honestly, no I don't think they got the list right. I have no frame of reference for Mr. Gilberti's (I have never eaten it before, and it looks amazing!), I'm sure they belong on the list. BUT the top spots for Chicago Deep Dish Pizza on the list from Yelp are taken by ZERO places located in Chicago! I'm sorry but part of the thing that makes Chicago Deep Dish Pizza great is when you are eating it in Chicago! Chicago has harsh cold winters and a strong Italian heritage, what makes a deep dish great is ordering a pie on a cold December night, and going down to Lou's where the overs are warm and you grab your fork and knife and dig in, eating a deep dish in California (where they say the #1 place is) doesn't feel right at all...

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