There's no limit to education. Even after the days of riding the school bus to school, you can still find ways to learn in a classroom as an adult, or as a kid who wants to expand their horizons. Over the years, John Wood Community College in Quincy has offered lessons you probably didn't get in middle school. Here are the most interesting classes that John Wood's community based outreach has offered, and some upcoming ones you might want to check out.

John Wood Community College
Kurt Parsons

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques

Get in touch with your inner-self with this class that looks to tap into your body's energy system to eliminate negative feelings. This class aims to be easy to learn and hopes to help restore a sense of peace. This reads to me as a less stressful PE class.

Do-it-Yourself Raising Chickens

Learn from a personal grower how to raise healthy chickens and to get the maximum amount of eggs for your family or farmer's market. I have never seen this class with this exact language offered anywhere else.

Homemade Mexican Cooking

Learn to make homemade Mexican dishes and try out commonly prepared items like mole Verde, soups, and salads. If you want to pick up a skill to impress a date, this seems like a choice class.

Organics in the Grocery – What's the Difference?

Organic is everywhere these days, but what does it really mean? If you’ve been curious, and even confused about it, learn about the USDA organic label and what it means for your food. And you can impress your friends with knowledge of organic foods while they chow down on fast food and other processed grub.

Other Unique Classes

  • Sign Language for Beginners

  • Live Gluten Free

  • Cake Decorating

  • Pine Wood Derby Basics

As someone who is about to graduate college, these classes might intrigue me enough to get to go back to a classroom. I'd love to learn how to make spicy Mexican dishes or get in touch with my inner-self more. If you want to get involved with Community-Based Outreach at John Wood Community College, check out their website for more information.

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