John Wood Community College

JWCC Host Drive-In Movie Night
I don't know about you, but I am missing going to the movies this summer. Hopefully that won't last long, but until theatres open there is an event that I know families will be excited about.
Santa at JWCC
I love that this is a free event for the public, the holidays are very expensive, and here is a way for you to make sure your child gets a chance to make memories with Santa for free.
Summer Is Coming Now What?
While the idea of "summer school" might not be appealing to most kids, John Wood Community College is offering many summer classes that your kids might actually like!
John Wood's Intriguing Community Education Classes
There's no limit to education. Even after the days of riding the school bus to school, you can still find ways to learn in a classroom as an adult, or as a kid who wants to expand their horizons. Over the years, John Wood Community College in Quincy has offered lessons you probably didn't get in mid…

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