Despite population loss in the state of Illinois, one university in the state is seeing record breaking growth.

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According to a Facebook post from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Illinois is breaking records for their enrollment and class sizes! In the Facebook post (to see the post click here!) they say...

"Meet the Class of 2025. Students from around the world joined the Illinois family to create a record-breaking first-year class of 8,303. The class includes 5,835 students from Illinois, the largest number of in-state students since 2018 and the second largest in 10 years. Total student enrollment is now 56,299, the largest in university history."

That is just incredible for the University of Illinois, especially the fact that they are able to get almost six thousand students from in state. Part of me assumes the reason the in state numbers have risen is due to parents and students not wanting to be to far away from each other during this global pandemic.

Overall I think this is a good sign for the state of Illinois, a state that can use as many wins, no matter how small, that they can get. Growth is the name of the game for the state to continue to thrive, and if the largest state university is thriving, then that can hopefully lead those students to want to stay and work while they are students, and hopefully raise families here after they graduate.

I went to Northern Illinois University and loved my time as a Huskie in Dekalb, I have had many friends attend the University of Illinois that felt the same way about there time in Champaign, hopefully this growth for U of I can trickle down and help out the other state schools with their numbers.

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