2023 is here, and if you are trying to plan your calendars to make the most out of this year then you'll want to set aside dates for a food festival in Illinois. A festival that one big-time website says is one of the "best" in the US in 2023. Here are the details...

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Thrillist.com has released a list of the Best 2023 Food Festivals in the United States, and the Taste of Chicago of course makes the list. The Taste of Chicago makes the list with other festivals like the Seed Food & Wine Week in Miami, the SoCal Taco Fest in San Diego, the Cheese Curd Festival in Wisconsin, and of course the American Royal World Series of Barbeque in Kansas City.

When talking about why the Taste of Chicago is a no-brainer for this list, the site says...

"...Launched casually in 1980 by a group of restaurateurs, it grew to a five-day affair, earning it the title of the biggest food festival in the world and spawning an offshoot in Austin. Last year, they switched up the format, spreading out for a day-long festival in three neighborhoods before coming together for a three-day “bite-sized” affair in Grant Park. They’re expected to keep the new format for 2023, but stay tuned as details unfold."

To read more about the Taste of Chicago and to learn more about the other events just click here! 

I will admit that I have Chicago biases because I am from there, but I have said it before and I will say it again, the Taste of Chicago is a food lover's heaven. I always tell you when to go or to stay away from Chicago, but the Taste of Chicago is one of the few events you'll never hear me bad mouth, it is so much fun, I highly recommend making plans to attend the Taste in 2023.

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