Kevin Costner rules his family with an iron hand in his role as the indomitable John Dutton on Yellowstone, but in real life, it's a very different story. In a new interview, the Oscar-winning actor and director says he's "like any other parent," just trying to figure out the right things to do.

How Many Kids Does Kevin Costner Have?

The 67-year-old filmmaker has three children with Christine Baumgartner, his wife of 18 years: Cayden, 15, and 13-year-old Hayes, as well as a 12-year-old daughter named Grace. Costner also has four children from previous relationships, including two daughters, Annie and Lily, and two sons, Joe and Liam.

What's Kevin Costner Like as a Dad?

He tells People that he's a pretty fun dad.

"You've got to get down on the ground and play with them," Costner says. "And you teach them to be independent — and the sad part about that is they become that. I'm like any other parent: I'm trying to figure it out."

Are Kevin Costner's Kids in Show Business?

One perk of having Costner as your father is that you might get to be in a movie. His son Hayes plays a small role in Costner's upcoming four-part epic film, Horizon, which Costner is directing and also stars in. He says it's been the same with some of his other kids, just trying to find ways for them to still be together when he's working for long periods away from home.

What Is Kevin Costner Like in Real Life?

When Costner isn't working, he says he's just like any other harried dad, just trying to get his kids from place to place and keep it all together.

"I work as a provider. I'm a father and I'm a husband, but the world doesn't revolve around me," Costner reflects. "When I'm not making a movie, I'm living and on the freeway with my wife, getting the kids to their stuff or I'm waiting for them to come out of a party. I'm just twiddling my thumbs. People have a wrong idea about how my life works."

Costner is currently appearing on Yellowstone's Season 5, which airs on Paramount Network on Sunday nights.

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