As primary voting gets kicked off this election year, you're bound to see a lot of graphs and statistics on how each county in each state is voting. With all these numbers available, let's take a look to see how people in the Quincy/Hannibal area voted in the past two elections for presidential candidates.


2008 Voting Results

The 2008 election was the year that Barrack Obama rose into the national spotlight. Much like the Democratic side this year, the primaries started out with three candidates: Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and John Edwards. The Republican field, much like this year, was a crowded field with John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and more contesting for the GOP nomination. Here is how the voting broke down in Quincy/Hannibal area.

Adams County in 2008

  • 7,184 votes were cast in the Republican Primary

  • McCain earned 44% of the vote vs Romney's 30%

  • 6,503 votes were cast in the Democratic Primary

  • Obama earned 57% of the vote vs Clinton's 39%

  • McCain and Obama both won the Illinois Primary for their party

Marion County in 2008

  • 2,913 votes were cast in the Democratic Primary

  • Clinton earned 54% of the vote vs Obama's 41%

  • 2,673 votes were cast in the Republican Primary

  • Huckabee earned 34% of the vote vs Romney's 33% and McCain's 27%

  • McCain and Obama both won the Missouri Primary for their party

2012 Voting Results

The election in 2012 was Barrack Obama's to lose. As the incumbent, he was essentially guaranteed to run again as the Democratic candidate. Which put the focus of this election cycle on who the GOP would elect to run against Obama. And again, the field for the party was crowded with some new and familiar faces.

Adams County in 2012

  • 7,747 votes were cast in the Republican Primary

  • Rick Santorum earned 48% of the vote vs Romney's 37%

  • Santorium ended up winning Missouri but Romney ended up winning Illinois and the nomination

Both Adams County and Marion County aren't surefire indicators that a candidate will go on to become the next president. Adams county nailed the nominations in 2008 but Marion county was an outlier. Adams County in 2012 voted for Romney but Missouri sided with Santorum who fell off after the 2012 election cycle.  It will be fascinating to watch how the field plays out as both parties will be nominating someone new for president.

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