This house for sale may look like a normal house on the outside, but on the inside, it has everything a Game of Throne fan wants.

Located in Brentwood, Tennessee this house looks normal. It has three-bedrooms and three bathrooms and just a little over 3,400 square feet, bit it comes with a fully decorated movie theatre straight out of the Game of Thrones. With ceiling that look like a castle, a staircase lined with rope and lights and it looks like you’re walking up a stone castle, and reclining seats, this is a must have theatre for every G.o.T fan I know I would love to have this in my house.

They only thing missing is an actually throne (and maybe a dragon or three). You can tell that the homeowners put all of their money into making this one unique feature of the home. The rest of the house is "normal," kitchen, dining and living room, and an enclosed porch all look like a house should look. You would never think from the outside that a G.o.T decorated movie theatre is inside.

It defiantly gives me some ideas for our house (although I don't think my husband would want this, but I'm all about it). Just think about it; you could have so many theme nights of movies, you would never need to go to a movie theatre ever again.

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