I had no idea that National Aunt and Uncle Day was a thing (does Hallmark make a card for that?) But I guess it is, so why not celebrate, right? Everyone’s favorite pretzel-making aunt, Auntie Anne, is celebrating by offering buy one get one pretzels until July 30.

You have to download a coupon (which you can find HERE) and the typical restrictions apply, so don’t be going overboard or anything. Just take your free pretzel and enjoy.
It’s no surprise that I frequent the Quincy Mall. And every time I’m there, I love picking up a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s (original with light salt and no sauce, please).

Looks like I might have to swing by this weekend and pick up a couple. I AM an aunt after all…and nobody got me anything for National Aunt and Uncle Day! Maybe I will even bring my niece's and nephews along since they are the reason I am getting a free pretzel.