In the two hours I give myself each morning before I have to be in the office, I still have trouble making time for the most important meal of the day. Even though I haven't eaten in 12 hours, it's several cups of coffee as I slowly check out the happenings for the day, and explore new music.

But that right there is precisely why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To get the mind and body ready for the day ahead. I, nor anyone, should sustain on the caffeine and empty calories of a cup of coffee alone.

National Breakfast Week hits us as we close out the first month of the New Year, almost a welcome reminder that I may have fallen into the trap many fall into when attempting their "Eat Healthier" New Year's Resolution: Skip a meal. But to what end? A lethargic, less-than-productive morning at work?

As a single man who cooks entirely for one, I can prepare a great lunch, and an even better dinner for myself (and possibly a guest, should the occasion arise), but breakfast still feels like a white whale of food preparation. I want to go beyond the simple, effective bowl of cereal.

Personally, I think that's the problem. Cereal is simple to make, and everything else seems so involved. I just don't have time to make pancakes, which I've never been good at anyway, always burn one side. Omelets always turn into piles of accidental scrambled eggs with cheese and veggies mixed in. I stopped trying to make a good breakfast, then got bored with what I didn't have to try at.

I'll take this helpful reminder of the first and most important meal of the day to reacquaint myself with what doesn't have to be a boring bowl of cereal, but still feel like I'm eating well. I may even master the art of my favorite food that has a breakfast edition: the burrito. Time to wander through cookbooks and recipe websites to find the right recipe. The one that's simple, but not bland.

Happy National Breakfast Week!

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