Sometimes when you get fed up and just can't take it anymore, action is called for. That is apparently the line that was crossed for a woman who filed a lawsuit because there isn't enough strawberry in her Pop Tarts. Really.

I first saw this controversial breakfast crisis issue while checking out the always entertaining Illinois sub-Reddit page.

I thought someone was pulling my leg, but it's a real lawsuit filed by a woman in a southern district of Illinois. AZ Central shared the story of the $5 million dollar lawsuit claiming Kellogg's didn't put enough strawberry in their Pop Tarts.

The lady who filed the suit is reportedly named Anita Harris and she said she wouldn't have bought the Pop Tarts if she had known there wasn't more strawberries in them.

Their report states that the nutrition label on Pop Tarts says there are 2% or less of dried strawberries. Darn the luck.

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Since I like to be helpful, here's a hack for Anita or anyone else that feels like the Pop Tarts you buy (or don't buy) in stores aren't sufficient.

I must confess that I tend to be a Greek yogurt in the morning guy myself, but if Pop Tarts are your thing, better check the label to make sure you aren't getting ripped off by the man.

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