Let's get this out of the way right from the beginning. This happened in North Dakota, but the temps there are virtually identical to here in Missouri and Illinois right now. A dude decided to go outside and crack and egg to see what would happen. It froze before it completely emptied onto the ground.

This is insane. As we have had wind chills well below zero and regular temps near zero to low single digits, this would be repeatable here in our part of America.

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If you check The Weather Channel, you'll see that where this guy was at in North Dakota is having almost the exact same "high" temps that we are. Single digits and sometimes venturing into minus territory.

I actually did research to see how cold it has to be to freeze an egg. Science Direct says that the freezing point of egg white is very near zero Celcius (around 31 degrees for us regular Fahrenheit people). But, to dry freeze in the air before it's fully emptied requires what we have right about now which is single digits to zero.

This means I'll get to explain to my wife why I'm breaking eggs and emptying them into the yard this weekend.

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