It generally doesn't come as much surprise that when it comes to talking about Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis get a lion's share of the press. Yeah, Columbia gets mentioned every now and then because of Mizzou, Springfield gets a shout out generally due to its proximity to Lake of the Ozarks and Branson. BUT Kansas City and St. Louis are the stars of the show. The George Clooney and Anthony Edwards, if you'll allow me to make a 25 year old television reference. So it's cool when Hannibal, the William H. Macy of Missouri, gets ranked statewide. Especially for beer, a thing both Kansas City and St. Louis are known for.

TSM Photo released a list of the best Beer Gardens in Missouri, and coming it at number six was Hannibal's very own Mark Twain Brewing Company. The author cited the rooftop patio for it's lovely views of the river, where you can watch the steamboats come and go from the dock.

Now I've been there a handful of times, unfortunately only on cold or rainy days, so sitting out on a rooftop patio was a less than desirable option. Now that it's beat out some St. Louis and Kansas City gardens, I'll be sure to catch it on a nice day so I can truly experience what makes it great.