Now, this is a trail I can get behind. A website claims they have found the best road trail leading to some of the best Mexican restaurants in Illinois, but they left off a few restaurants in the Tri-States.

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tacos is the one food that I think everyone loves, and we are pretty lucky here in the Tri-States to have some of the best Mexican food in the area. Only In Your State put together a list of some of the best restaurants to try in Illinois, but they left off a few I think should be on the list.

First, they have us start in Geneva Illinois to Bien Trucha famous for its grilled steak, and roasted tomatillo-serrano salsa, we follow the trail to Moliline and try  Los Agaves Mexican Grill. Followed by Jalapenos in Peru, Taqueria El Porton in Bloomington, Don Sol Mexican Grill in Mattoon, La Casa Mexicana in O'Fallon, and Tre Hombres in Carbondale. Which I am sure are all fantastic, but has the website tried any restaurant here in Quincy?

Again, we have so many fantastic options for Mexican I my family and I love them all but I think a few of them need to be on this list if not all. El Racnherito, Mi Jalapeno, Maya Authentic Mexican Restaurant, Taqueria Arandas, El Patron, and these are just the ones in Quincy. I think this website put together a fine taco trail but they might want to add a few more restaurants to it. Now look, I know the writer of this article can't eat at EVERY Mexican restaurant in the state, but Quincy has at least six you would think in a small town like Quincy they could at least try one if not two places to add them to the taco trail.

Either way, if you love trying new Mexican places this Taco Trail might be something to think about next time you travel to one of these towns.

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