Last year I told you about some perfect Father's Day gifts (link below). And those are great. But there are still some more just as perfect Father's Day gifts. I will preface this by saying that this will be my third Father's Day without my dad. So while last year, it was about tying the gifts to fond memories you have together, this year it's about having those memories. Because not to be a downer about it, that's what's going to stick with you when the gift giving stops.


Family playing miniature golf

Or regular golf, if you're dad's a big golfer. But it's a fun activity you can do with your dad, and indeed the whole family. You get the family together, you're spending time together, laughing, having a good time.

Batting Cages/Play Catch

If Field of Dreams taught us anything, it's that baseball is the great unifier. Fathers and children, baseball is what brings them together. So it gets a separate entry. We've got some great batting cages in the area, and if you've got a yard and a couple gloves, that's all you need for a game of catch. Well... and a ball.

Hit the Water


Now my dad was a city kid, so canoeing, fishing, camping, anything like that... wasn't really his thing. I had friends I'd do outdoorsy stuff with when I was as I was growing up and into my adulthood. If it's something you both enjoy, the experience of doing it together will create great memories.

Crack Open a Beverage and Have a Conversation

Digital Vision.

This one cannot be stated enough. Some of the best memories I have with my dad, and some of the best he had with me, were just sitting on the back porch, stereo playing softly, each of us had a drink in our hands and we were just chatting. About everything. About nothing. Of course growing up, it was just soda for me, but he'd slip me a sip of the beer or rum every now and then.



Cooking made my list last year, but that was specifically cooking FOR dad. Now... my dad loved cooking for us. Not much made him happier than when he could prep and cook a meal for us. So if your dad is one of those kind of dads, let him be a dad, let him cook for you. Nothing says family time like the family meal.

Ties, records, mugs, books, various knick-knacks and memorabilia, they're not to be understated. They make great gifts and show you really care about the person you're giving them to, in this case your dad. But like the old James Stewart movie says... You can't take it with you. Make memories. Give the gift of memories. To your dad, and to yourself.

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