Ties are awful. I know, I've worked jobs where they were mandatory. And I went through a Reservoir Dogs phase in college. They're terribly bland Father's Day gifts. You've gotta rock it. I'm pulling personal experiences on this so bear with me, but there will be a common thread tying it all together.

Cook A Meal

cooking in a barbeque
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Or grill a meal. My dad was the chef in the family and was quite good. Growing up, summers were always spent grilling. We lived in Michigan for a bit, so sometimes we'd even do it in the middle of winter, just for the heck of it. One of the recent Father's Days I was able to spend with him, I had a big cookout with some of the extended family. He loved it.

Take Him to a Ball Game

Baseball Game
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There was one Father's Day where we were both in Southern California for my cousin/his nephew's wedding. Being the big baseball fan that he his, I took him to an Angels game, they were hosting the Royals. His favorite team, the Dodgers, were on a stretch of away games. But we had a great time.

Take Him to a Concert

The 2015 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival
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One of the first Father's Days that I was able to pitch in some money, back in high school, my mom, sister and I went in on Beach Boys tickets. Then in college my sister and I went in on ZZ Top tickets. I couldn't go to the show with them, but it's like they say, it's the thought that counts.

Get Him a Book

Stephen King - Book Signing
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My dad was a voracious reader, both fiction and non-fiction. I got him many books over the years. The new Stephen King, the Sandy Kaufax biography, a book about psychedelic rock. Stuff he would enjoy.

Do Something You Can Bond Over

browsing vinyl records

One year I didn't know what to do, so I just took him to a record store and we spent hours flipping through vinyl. I walked out with Pink Floyd, he had some CCR he had to replace due to flood damage. It was a great afternoon spending time with him.

It's ultimately all about tailoring the gift to your dad. You know him. You know what he likes. And he may really like ties, so a tie would be perfect. But make it something he enjoys. Tying it to a special memory you two have or something you've connected over, that's all the better.

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