For the second time in less than a year, the Federal government is going to take over your cell phone.

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No matter what carrier or type of phone you have the Federal Government will be taking over for another Emergency Alert System Test. The EAS test, which happened on October 4, 2023, is a national test (which all TVs and radios will also broadcast) that delivers important emergency news to the public. Much like weather alerts or AMBER alerts.

I remember I was told to shut off my cell or turn the volume down or off, I can't remember but I did one of those options (probably muted my phone) and the alert still went off. Lots of conspiracies were written about that October alert, for me it's the power the federal government has over the control of all cell phones. That's what's scary.


When Will the Feds Take Over Our Phones?

According to FEMA, results are still being looked at from the October alter and once those results are in they will then determine when the next alert will be sent out. It could be in 2024 or even 2025, but it's coming.

This test is not to annoy you by all means, it's just a way for the federal government and state governments plus local law enforcement to make sure everything has the correct information when it comes to emergencies. It might be annoying from the sound the alarm makes, but it catches your attention and that is the whole purpose of the test.

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