There are only 4 states where the educational system is worse than Missouri's according to the experts...What is their reasoning for ranking Missouri's education system so low?

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WalletHub released a new ranking called the 2023's States with the Best & Worst Early Education Systems, and the ranking puts Missouri's educational system as one of the 5 worst in the US. According to WalletHub's ranking Missouri is 48th out of 51 (they include Washington D.C. in the rankings) Missouri's system is only better than Indiana, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. How did WalletHub decide on these rankings? On their site they say...

"To help parents find the states with the best early education systems, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 12 key metrics, including share of school districts that offer a state pre-K program, number of pre-K quality benchmarks met and total reported spending per child enrolled in pre-K."

Missouri ranks well behind its neighbors Illinois ranked 16th, Iowa ranked 24th, Nebraska ranked 2nd, and Arkansas ranked 1st. The main thing that hurts the Show-Me State in this ranking is the Quality category, Missouri is ranked 48th in the Quality of the Early Education System category. What is that category comprised of? The quality category is comprised of things like Pre-K Quality Benchmarks (meaning are the teachers certified, class sizes, staff to child ratio, things like that), and also Income requirements, plus school safety plans. To see the full rankings for yourself click here!

I am shocked to see Missouri so low on this list, I didn't go to school in Missouri, and I don't have kids that go to school in Missouri, but if you do are you concerned by this ranking? Or do you trust the educational system in the Show-Me State?

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