Dogwood Parade is finally coming up this weekend, and I am so excited to be a part of it for the 1st time! Everyone I have met so far in the Quincy area has been telling me, for the two months I have been, here that Dogwood weekend is an absolute blast. Now that it is finally here I have compiled a list of the events that I wont be missing out on this Dogwood 2019.

1. The Dogwood Parade. Obviously the actual parade will be the highlight of the weekend. I am so thrilled to be in the parade and representing 97.9 KICK FM. Keep an eye out for me behind the wheel of the KICK Dodge with my dog Murphy riding shotgun.

2. The Quincy Farmer's Market. Right in the heart of the Quincy District at Washington Park. The market will be open Saturday May 4th from 8am until 1pm. The Farmer's Market is always so much fun and its great top support the local small businesses.

3.Lincoln in the District. While you're doing your shopping at the Farmer's Market make sure you meet Abe Lincoln at Washington park. From 10am to 3pm you can get a glimpse into the world of our 16th president, with candle making, horse drawn carriages, and old time baseball.

4. Spring Festival of Country Music. After a day of parades,shopping, and time travel, the best thing to do is grab a beer and listen to some local country music down in Hannibal at the Spring Festival of Country Music.

Whatever your plans our this Dogwood weekend make sure you celebrate responsibly and have fun, and hopefully I'll see you around! As always hit me up on Twitter @MarkHespen and Instagram @MarkHespen.

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