We could use a little kindness in the world and these seven towns in Missouri are known for having the kindest and friendliest residents in the state.

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If you're planning on traveling anytime soon in the next few weeks you may want to stop by one of these seven towns in Missouri according to World Atlas, especially if you are looking for a little bit more kindness. Not like the Missouri's snobbiest towns, you will see more friendly faces all over.

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No surprise, Branson makes the list, which is a beautiful and fun place to visit during the holiday season. They also put Saint Genevieve, Hermann, Kimmswick, Carthage, and Boonville on the list. However, there is one town that we can all be proud of...Hannibal. They say,

As you can imagine, much of the town's tourism is based on the accomplishments of Mark Twain. The tours here are fantastic, and the locals who run them are always smiling and gracious. If you have any questions about the town or its history, there is a good chance someone walking down the street will be more than happy to give you an answer.

And it's so true. You will always see a friendly smile when going into the downtown shops, and restaurants. Everyone just seems a little bit more happy when you see them in the downtown area. The town comes alive with downtown events, parades, and festivals.

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