Sweet Home Chicago will be deploying "Peacekeepers" throughout the city this Memorial Day weekend with the hopes of quelling any swells of violence. Does hearing this make you feel more or less comfortable spending Memorial Day weekend in the Windy City?

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According to NBC Chicago, the state of Illinois is helping send Peacekeepers to the 3rd largest city in the country this Memorial Day weekend with the hopes of stopping potential violence before it starts. In an article from NBC Chicago, they say...

"The Illinois Department of Human Services and Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced that the state will send a Citywide Crisis Prevention and Response Unit to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend in an effort to help keep residents safe. According to a press release, more than 30 trained neighborhood “peacekeepers” will be part of that deployment, along with street outreach partners that will provide “assistance in de-escalation, conflict resolution and crisis support” in the city."

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I love my city, you know that if you know me. I lived in Chicago for years before moving to Quincy and my encounters with violence were very few and far between. I would never think twice about going to the city for Memorial Day weekend, and these peacekeepers being sent there just validates my lack of concern. Violence can break out anywhere at any time in our current climate in the US, and I applaud the fact that the state and the city are trying to be preemptive with their violence control. But maybe I feel this way because I love the city where I was born, do you think peacekeepers being in the city for Memorial Day weekend would make you more likely to visit the city?

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