This is kind of weird, I admit it, but I was actually thinking about putting up my Christmas tree before Halloween. I didn't put the tree up, but I was thinking about it. Now that November is here, the time has fallen back, and we've all had some turkey, we can start looking ahead to the final weeks of the year. When will you put up your tree?

When should you put up a Christmas tree?

A lot of families make it a holiday tradition to put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, or on the evening of Thanksgiving, while the entire family is still gathered together. We sort of loosely follow that tradition at our house, although we're flexible. Sometimes the tree goes up over the weekend following Thanksgiving, if not the day after. Once I put up a Christmas tree a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. I guess I was just in the holiday spirit, that year.

Whenever you decide to put up your tree, or even if you don't put up a tree, at all, we hope you have a terrific holiday season!

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