Christmas morning. There's no other morning quite like it. It's the one morning of the year where getting your kids out of bed is no problem whatsoever. In some cases, those kids never went to sleep because they were so excited. They just laid in bed all night, imagining the great presents they would open, and watching the clock.


I was like on that as a kid. The only other time I had anything similar happen was the night before we went to Disney World. Just too excited to sleep. That makes for one, long, boring night! I don't know for sure, but I think the earliest I ever attempted to wake up my mom and dad on Christmas morning was 4 a.m. That didn't go over so well, but they did eventually start letting us get up at 5, rather than our usual 6.

On the other hand, some kids have no trouble sleeping at all, and aren't in a particular hurry to wake up on Christmas morning. My niece has been like that. Most years, us adults are up before she is.

What is Christmas morning like at your house? Do your kids try to wake you up super early, or do you have set rules as to what time everyone can get up?

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