The KICK-FM staff couldn't conquer the Quincy escape room at Behind Locked Doors, so maybe we'll have to try our hand across the river in Hannibal.

"But Brodie, there isn't an escape room in Hannibal!" you just said out loud and now Debbie in accounting is looking at you weird from across the office floor. Also you're mostly wrong. Well... mostly correct, but kinda wrong at the same time. Because there isn't one currently, but there soon will be.

In what I hope proves to not be an elaborate April Fool's Day Joke, Mississippi Mind Trap is opening an escape room on Saturday, April 1st. For a refresher, you and some friends are locked in a room, and you have to work together to solve the puzzles that free you from the room within a certain amount of time. Hence the name "escape room."

You can find out more about the Hannibal escape room at the Mississippi Mind Trap website, and over on their Facebook page.

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