Remember that old computer game Myst? I'd spend hours trying to figure out the puzzles and secrets of it, trying to advance through the game. A lot of my early computer game experiences were puzzle games similar to that. So I was duly excited to learn of a new thing sweeping the nation called "Escape Rooms." I was even more excited this morning when I learned Quincy now has one, and has had one for a while now.

The basic premise is that you and some friends are locked in a room, and you have to work together to solve the puzzles that free you from the room within a certain amount of time. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? You wish you could do one right now, right?

YOU CAN! Behind Locked Doors at 36th & Broadway had a soft opening earlier this month, with a grand opening coming up on Friday, December 30th. They suggest booking reservations, which, as luck would have it, you can do right on their Facebook page. Or of course by contacting them directly.

Let's just hope your time in the Escape Room goes better than Conan O'Brien's.

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