Driving nowadays is stressful with distractive driving leading the way in most crashes. New data released from the NHTSA shows some of the deadliest intersections in America and one of those is located in Missouri.

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The new data examined over 20 years of fatal crashes across the nation to determine the deadliest in the nation. Among those a St. Louis intersection (which has a recorded seven fatalities) is on the list. Grand Blvd and Montgomery Street is one of the deadliest in Missouri.

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Why is This Intersection So Deadly?

According to the data, speeding is one of the biggest issues at this particular intersection in St. Louis.

Cars speed well in excess of 40 mph in this part of North Grand, and pity any driver trying to turn left to join the vehicles heading downtown on a weekday morning. There's no streetlight or stop sign on Grand for blocks, so not only do cars have no reason to slow down, but there's little chance of getting into the flow without seizing a questionable moment and gunning it.

I have been on Grand Blvd to get to The Fabulous Fox Theatre, but I always take the 64/40 interstate to get there I don't use 70 at all. When you do you have to drive down Grand to get to the theatre and it's not the best road to drive on and now with this study it is dangerous.

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