In a world where you hear plenty of stories about police allegedly doing bad things, I have the opposite of that. An Illinois man is fortunate to be alive after two heroic police officers came to his rescue after an accidental overdose.

I always strive to be transparent and I'll bear my soul a little bit here. I know there are a small number of police officers who have done bad things. I believe there are a tiny minority compared to the legions of honorable men and women who risk their lives every day. Here's the backstory about two police heroes:

One man is lucky to be alive thanks to the actions of two Park Forest police officers. Police on Jan. 16 were called to the scene of a man found slumped over the steering wheel of his truck. The vehicle was locked and in drive, a needle spotted sticking out of the man's arm. Officers JP Garrity and Christopher Batzel sprung into action, forcing entry to the truck to reach the driver unconscious from a suspected opioid overdose.

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If you know anyone that has suffered from opioids, you know it's a vicious and horrible situation. The fact that this man now has a second chance at life thanks to two police officers who did not hesitate is a testimony to the many that serve and protect every day.

Yes, there are bad elements in any kind of work and it's worse when it's forces sworn to protect. But, I think we need to make sure we're sharing the stories of the heroes like these two guys at least as often as we share the bad ones.

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