Chicago makes the top 5 of this travel website's "favorite cities in the USA in 2023" but it is the only big city in the top 5. Ahead of New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and others...What makes Chicago so special? Here is what they say...

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Travel & Leisure put out their rankings of the 15 Favorite Cities in the United States in 2023, and Chicago is the only big city in the top 5. Chicago ranks 5th on the list behind only Charleston (South Carolina) at number 1 (a deserving number 1, it is a very cool city), Santa Fe (New Mexico) at number 2, New Orleans at number 3, and Savannah (Georgia) at number 4.

The closest big city on the list to Chicago is New York at 7th, but the only other top 10 most populated cities in the USA on the list are San Diego at 13th on the list and San Antonio at 10th. Why is Chicago so beloved by travel experts? On the site they say...

"“Honestly, who doesn’t like Chicago?” one reader rightly asks. The Windy City remains a voter favorite thanks to its world-class art galleries and museums, dynamic performing arts scenes, Magnificent Mile shopping, and phenomenal culinary offerings. Visitors can admire the city’s famous skyline from any number of rooftop restaurants and bars, but nothing beats taking it all in from the “outstanding” architecture cruise along the Chicago River.""

If you asked me, Chicago is my favorite city in the US, but this list is solid! Charleston, New Orleans, San Diego, and Boston are all on this list and would be on my list of the top 15 places I have been to in the US. Which cities would be on your list?

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