Experts looked at the data and determined there is one city in Missouri that is better than all the others if you need a job this year, it also is one of the top cities in the US for a job in 2024, here are the details...

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According to WalletHub, St. Louis is the best city in Missouri for people who need a job in 2024, and it is the number 28th city in the country for job seekers. Being 28th in the country for job seekers puts St. Louis ahead of Kansas City ranked 88th, Chicago ranked 92nd, Des Moines ranked 46th, and Indianapolis ranked 159th, St. Louis is the best big city in the Midwest for a job in 2024.

How did WalletHub figure this out?

On the site, WalletHub says...

"For many people, finding a new or better job will be a top resolution...Ultimately, your luck of finding work depends largely on location. To help you with the job hunt, WalletHub compared more than 180 U.S. cities across 31 key indicators of job-market strength. They range from job opportunities per job seeker to employment growth to the monthly average starting salary."

St. Louis is ranked so high on this list because the city has the 21st-best job market in the US, according to WalletHub's data. The BEST cities in the US for job seekers in 2024 are Scottsdale (Arizona), Tampa, Salt Lake City, Columbia (Maryland), and Austin. To see the full list of the best and worst cities for job seekers in 2024, click here! 

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