Mother's Day is this weekend, and you have gotta do something special for her. Brunches are going to be packed. At this point, flowers might be slim pickings. But if you're anything like my family, you like to sit around the table and share drinks. My mom less so, but she'd have wine, the occasional scotch if she was up for it. So why not take your mom out for drinks? And some of these places of course serve food, too. So you're all set.

Spirit Knob Winery

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Spirit Knob Winery opens up at 1pm on Sunday, so if you've already planned a brunch, you can still hit the restaurant, enjoy your omelette, and then get some afternoon wine. And they've got quite the impressive collection of reds and whites.

Mark Twain Dinette

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This is a more off the wall kind of drink. Their boozy rootbeer floats. They're legendary. And the food is delicious, so you get a unique kind of drink, and a great meal out of it.


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For sheer selection, you can't beat Revelry. I was just in there earlier this week, flipping through the drink menu, and it's just pages and pages of wine. And if you or your mom aren't too keen on wine, they've got one of the best selections of craft beers in towns, and of course a full bar for cocktails.

Mark Twain Brewery

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Mark Twain Brewing Company has their own beer and were recently named one of the best beer gardens in MIssouri for their rooftop patio. Have a nice drink outdoors. We're supposed to get rain on Saturday, but currently nothing in the forecast for Sunday. So there you go.

Fuzzy Bubbler


Everybody knows the classic pairing of Wine and Cheese. Fuzzy Bubbler does you one better with a constantly rotating selection of on-tap craft beers of several styles, and a superb cheese platter. It's a classy way to spend time with your mom. Now they're only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so this'll have to be a pre-Mother's Day visit.

Wooden Rabbit


A great menu of cocktails for everyone's drinking tastes, mom will definitely find something to her liking.