Ever since I saw Back to the Future 2, the 1989 sequel to the best movie of 1985, I've wanted a hover board. We were supposed to have them by three years ago. Granted there's a very compelling reason why we don't have them. Remember in BTTF2 when Doc is explaining the weird alternate 1985 with casino owner Biff, how they're in a skewed Timeline? Hover boards are in a skewed timeline. If you've got about 10 minutes, I explain it here in an old web-series I used to host.

But it makes sense why we don't have THOSE hoverboards. But we do have hover board-adjacent technology in the form of these weird roller skate/skateboard/segway hybrids that actually look like a lot of fun. If you've got one, can I borrow it? I want to take it to Scottie's Fun Spot on May 31st from 6-8pm, because Scottie's is opening up their skating rink for some safe and fun quality hover board time. Just seven bucks a person, you've gotta sign a waver, and you're all set. They'll even let you do a lap on the go-kart track if you're up to it. You can head to Scottie's Fun Spot's website for more info.

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