Buying any of these homes would have been a lot easier if I would have won the Mega Lottery.

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It's always nice to window shop every now and then, well I feel the same way when it comes to looking at homes that I will never be able to afford. Missouri has some of the most biggest and beautiful homes for families, hunters, and people who just want to buy land and start fresh. There are not a lot of homes for sale over $10 million in Missouri, but for those that make the list, you can see why they are listed over that price.

9 Homes and Land For Sale in Illinois Over $10 Million

You get lakes, ponds, and lots of land to go hunting on, and there are homes already built for the elite of the elite, and yeah they are always nice to look at. But remember, the bigger the house the more furniture, taxes, upkeep, cooling, and heating costs will be. If you're a millionaire through I guess that things just don't matter.

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