St. Louis, Kansas City, Lake of the Ozarks, and Branson are all great cities to visit and live in. However, Missouri is home to some of the best towns that rarely get any recognition until now.

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Whether is a town that has an amazing wine trail, a charming river town, or a town with a major university Missouri has a few underrated towns that need to, well, get some love. According to World Atlas St. James, Bonne Terre, Hermann, Boonville, Cape Girardeau, and Columbia are all underrated and don't get the credit they deserve.

Now, I have been to Hermann and Columbia and my experience with Boonville many moons ago was to get to the rest of my burnt car that was towed there so it was not a pleasant experience. But for the towns that I have visited, I can say that they are some of my favorites. Of course, Columbia has MIZZOU, and is just a fun place to explore. And it is not for the Tri-States.

Hermann, well, not for a family vacation, but if you want a weekend away with your significant other for a girl's weekend this is the place to be. I would like to visit Cape Girardeau; I have heard many people compare it to Galena. Just a quaint town to take a long weekend away. To be honest, I've never heard of Bonne Terre, but I did find out that it has the largest man-made cave in Missouri. That would be something to see.

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