This undercounting of Illinois' population has a massive ripple effect, but the truth has been revealed Illinois GREW in population to its highest mark ever. We are stunned.

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I got to be honest this is blowing my mind, according to, the 2020 census was wrong in a handful of states including the Land of Lincoln, and in actuality, Illinois did not lose population over the last decade but it GAINED people. In the article they say...

"Illinois suffered significant undercounting during the 2020 census, leading to the mistaken conclusion that the state lost residents over the previous ten years — when in reality it added more than a quarter of a million people and swelled to its largest population ever. That’s the stunning revelation from a report the U.S. Census Bureau itself released on Thursday, admitting that its ten-year head counts were off in more than a dozen states."


So what is Illinois' current population, they state that Illinois is actually at about 13 million people which is the most populated the state has ever been.

So what impact does this have on Illinois? Well, Illinois has already lost representation by losing one seat in Congress, which they say we can't get back until the next census, but it also will determine how much federal funding the state receives from the government. The article goes on to say that the undercount was expected especially with the COVID-19 pandemic going on during the census, to read the full article for yourself click here! 

I will say this news is shocking, it has been nothing but doom and gloom for Illinois and to hear that not only did it not lose people but actually gain a quarter of a million people is incredible news for the state.

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