A bunch of new census data has been updated and released, and according to the latest numbers between July 2020 and July 2021, Quincy, Illinois took a hit in population. Still, Quincy faired better than a lot of other places in Illinois.

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An article posted on kpvi.com outlines the new census data that was released and it paints a picture of losses in the Land of Lincoln to start this new decade. They say that Illinois lost a total of about 104,000 people during the calendar year of July 2020 to July 2021, but the good news for us downstate residents is that almost half of that population loss came from Chicago. In the article they say...

"Of the 15 largest cities, New York lost nearly 305,500 people. Chicago lost 45,175 people, which was larger than Los Angeles’ loss of 40,537 people...The 10 cities with the greatest losses (in Illinois) were Chicago (-45,175), Cicero, (-1,703), Arlington Heights (-1,377), Schaumburg (-1,361), Evanston (-1,279), Palatine (-1,267), Skokie (-1,260), Berwyn (-1,141), Peoria (-1,126) and Oak Park (-1,094)."

Now, what about Quincy? Well in the article they attached an excel document that shows the population changes of all of the cities in Illinois between July 2020 and July 2021. Quincy lost only 311 people according to their numbers, a change from 39,442 to 39,131, a change of only -.79% or less than a 1 percent change, which is better than Peoria, Rock Island, and Decatur.

I think it is really important for towns like Quincy to constantly be tracking population numbers, for cities like Quincy to be able to get funding, attract new businesses, and bring events here it is important to be able to show growth or in our case less than 1% loss at a time when the state overall is losing people. Do you think it is important to track these numbers?

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